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Marian Stuart, Ph.D.

Commencement Address
"Commencement Address, June 2008, Capital Systems Family Practice Residency Program.

Positive BATHE Presentation
"Accenting the Positive: Putting an Affirmative Spin on the BATHE Technique." Seminar, The 28th Forum for Behavioral Science in Family Medicine, Chicago IL, September 30, 2007

Opening Plenary
"On making a difference in family medicine, today and tomorrow." Opening Plenary, The 26th Forum for Behvaioral Science in Family Medicine, Chicago, IL, September 16, 2005

Article on Teaching Counseling Skills in Family Medicine
"Teaching Counseling Skills in Family Medicine." STFM Messenger, April 2005.

Self-Forgiveness Handout
"Medical Mistakes and Self-Forgiveness Revisited: How To Do It–How To Teach It." Seminar. 37th Annual STFM Spring Conference, Toronto, ON. May 15, 2004, Marian R. Stuart, Ph.D. & B. J. McGarry, M.D.

Commencement Address
"On Gifts, Peace of Mind and Seven Laws of Ecology." Invited Commencement Address, June 2004, Capital Systems Family Practice Residency Program.

Family Medicine Curriculum Resource (FMCR) Project: Mental Health
Marian R. Stuart, PhD (FMCR Consultant), with input from William B. Shore, MD, David Schneider, MD (Family Medicine Clerkship/PostClerkship Workgroup), Christine Matson, MD (PreClerkship Collaborative Workgroup), and Ardis Davis, MSW (FMCR Project Manager). Also, with input from STFM Group on Behavioral Sciences., Family Medicine Curriculum Resource (FMCR) Project HRSA Contract (Contract No. 240-00-0107) to the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, October 2004