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Marian Stuart, Ph.D.

The 15-Minute Hour and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
A brief lecture demonstrating the power of brief interventions to help people change their interpretations and hence reactions to stressful circumstances.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? A Review of the B-A-T-H-E Technique and the 15-Minute Hour
A workshop enabling participants to incorporate cognitive techniques into their every day practice.

The 15-Minute Hour: Practical Therapeutic Interventions in Primary Care
Power point enhanced presentation. Why it is important to screen for psychosocial stressors, how to do it in an efficient and therapeutic manner and what to do when you uncover problems.

The 15-Minute Hour Revisited: A Dozen Good Reasons for BATHEing Patients
The BATHE technique is a key procedure for obtaining psychosocial information and screening for psychopathology while enhancing the patient's ability to cope.

The 15-Minute Hour—Incorporating Psychotherapy into the Routine Consultation
Efficient and effective interventions that enhance the clinician/patient relationship and contribute to satisfaction and well-being of both parties.

Successful Aging
Successful aging involves conscious lifestyle adjustments to maximize physical, mental, emotional and spiritual faculties over the lifetime. After debunking some of the most prevalent myths of aging, this presentation explains exactly how to extend a rewarding and healthy life.

Helping Patients Change Their Behavior
Lifestyle factors are largely responsible for health outcomes. This motivational lecture features theory-based insights that result in practical interventions, designed to maximize patients' adoption of health enhancing behaviors.

How to Handle the 'Difficult Patient'
Practical ways to interact with patients that challenge your humanity.

Self-Forgiveness: Growing from our Medical Mistakes
A workshop that helps practitioners accept the inevitability of committing errors while teaching a process to foster personal growth and effective patient communications.

Gifts, Wounds & Forgiveness: Keys for Orchestrating Healing Rhythms in Families and Gifts to Heal the Soul
Experiential Seminars or workshops depending on the time available, designed to help participants explore their relationships in terms of gifts and entitlements, unfulfilled expectations and the resulting wounds. This results in profound insights and healing.

Enhancing Health Through the Use of Imagery
Visualization (Imagery) for stress management, pain control and to promote healing.
Two of a number of stress management presentations.

Communications Enhancement Training: Essential Skills to Lower the Risk of Malpractice Suits
How doctors communicate after an unfortunate outcome has a direct bearing on patients' desire to sue. This training was designed at the request of a state malpractice insurance company.

Writing Clear and Effective Goals and Objectives: Critical Skills for Educators
Constructive Feedback
Characteristics of Adult Learners
Three of a number of lectures or workshops related to adult or continuing medical education.

I also have special group dynamic training and experience and am available to facilitate retreats related to fostering dialog, team building and/or group problem solving.